Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday Make Up Workout

Couldn't make it back to Mercer for Sunday practice after the wedding. Headed out to a field in Maryland on Sunday afternoon and did the following:

2 x 2 x Hill sprints followed by 20 push ups

Med Ball 200
8.8 lbs medicine ball
20 x Big Circles
20 x Woodchopper
20 x Standing Russian Twists
20 x Squat to Press
20 x Med Ball sit up
20 x Rocky Solo
20 x Toe-Touch
20 x 45-Degree Twist
20 x Suitcase Crunch
20 x Diagonal Crunch

20 Minutes of pulling. Worked on outside in pulls especially and focused on getting hangtime on IO pulls. Fooled around a little with spin pulls. I could maybe see myself using it at some point but not this year as it would take a lot of refining to get right and my regular OI pull works just fine.

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