Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day - Monday

Fink, Ross, Leon and I headed out to Edgely Ballfields to get a work out in before we headed off to our respective Memorial Day activities. Apparently we've skipped Spring and moved right to Summer. I am not a fan.

3 min. warm up at 7:00 pace
Active stretching

With and 8lb +/- medicine ball

10 x chest passes
16 x lunge jumps (w/o ball)
20 x russian twist throws (10 per side)
8 x side to side leg bound (w/o ball)

(Jon feel free to post times for this part)
3 cones each set up 50 yards apart
2 x 300 yd shuttle run (two laps)
5 x 150 yd shuttle run (one lap)

6 x Triangle shuttle deep cut
Set up cones in a triangle. Run from the left cone to the top cone, shuffle to and from the right cone and cut deep.

Vomit. Mostly from the shuttle runs.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Workouts of late &c

2x Tabata Lateral Lunges w/ 12lb Medball (First Set: All Left, Second Set: All Right)
25 Supermans (LArm+RLeg, RArm+LLeg, BArms+BLegs = 1)
25 Down Dog Pushups (For lack of a better name)
2x Tabata 12lb Medball Slams
Art Museum Stair Workout
Haverford College Stair Workout
Every time I hear The Beastie Boys do "No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn" I think of NYU Ultimate and get the skin of a chicken.
Everytime I hear Santogold's "Unstoppable" I want to beat you.
Coed is fun if your women are ringers.
PADA Preseason
Speaking of Bellcrack, coed is a completely different game. "Ability to single-handedly affect the outcome" is unevenly distributed. And there is *nothing* the women can do about it. The skills valued are different, the stall count tends to get higher, there is less team d, there is more social awkwardness, and so on.
I've been point blocked more often by coed players in the past month than open players in the past year+. GFY, Miggs.
Upper Body 5Stair Workout
GORDON=Post-Ultimate Beer #1.

Memorial Day - Saturday

I wanted to get up in time for pick up on Saturday however I had the longest week at work that I can remember and my body needed rest so I stayed in bed until about 11am. I felt great when I got up and headed home to see my parents and my little brother who was back in town from college. We headed out to my parents swim club for the afternoon and I decided to see what I could do in the pool. I've got this kind of crazy idea that I want to try to do a sprint triathlon but I also have/had this fear that I'd sink like a rock during the swimming portion. But yesterday proved me wrong.

in roughly 25 minutes 30 lengths of a 25 M pool (750M total) which is just about the length of the sprint distance.

The result was a completely exhausted upper body. Swimming is really, really hard. But I don't think I'll sink if I end up trying to do this triathlon.

Friday, May 22, 2009

building base, just a little differently

Temple track:
Pros: doesn't close at 6 and is closer to my house
Cons: tons of people

Thorough warmup.
6x 200m. Rest consisted of walking diagonally across the field (another plus over the Penn Track) which was usually about 1'15". My 200s were around 29s. I mainly focused on strong starts and trying to hit my highest gear right as a i came out of the turn. One, its a little harder to hit top speed on a curve (esp. in lane 1). Two, i was trying to focus on going from fast (for me) to fastest (for me).
8 x 100m. Each rep started with me in a stationary "fast feet" position for 3 secs, with my hips at a 45 degree interval (imagine a clock, start at 45, then 90, then 135, ..., last one at 0). Worked on acceleration. Rest was walk back to the line.
6x~30m accelerations. Rest was jog back to the line.

Finished with one set of Squat-Thrust-Jumps (x20 squats, x20 squat-thrusts, x20 squat-thrust-2leggedjump). Time = 1'50"

Last week, as i was warming up, some track coach asked me what i did to work out my quads. I told him ultimate. He laughed. We quickly agreed to disagree and I walked away. This week, during my 200s, coming out of the aforementioned turn, i kept hearing him say.. "go frisbee", everytime. After my 200s, i talked to him and he kept trying to convince me to throw shot put!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bell Crack

I got in touch with my college teammate who captains Slow White a month or so before Bell Crack when he told me they were coming down to play at the tournament and I asked if I could play if they needed numbers. Turned out they were a little low and having a tryout weekend anyway so they invited me to join in. We went undefeated on Saturday without really being pushed until our last cross over game which wasn't even that close.

Sunday we had to move fields because of the weather. It was quite windy and pretty sloppy which changed the dynamics of the games along with the fields being shorter and narrower because of the alternative field site. We started out by beating a Canadian team who we traded with early but eventually proved we were the only team who could consistently score going up wind. Our second game was against Hooray. I expected this game to be a lot more of a challenge than it was. What ended up happening was mostly as a result of Miller's pulls and also one or two of mine we were pinning them very deep in their endzone off the pull. The result was that we started to go on more and more runs and ended up winning pretty handily. We then played Amp in the finals. We got down early by 4-1 or so and never really were able to recover. We were never really able to get enough of a roll together to really close the gap and ended up losing 13-5.

A couple of take aways from playing with an elite co-ed team for the weekend. I don't like the break you end up getting playing co-ed with having a roster of 12-14 guys and only 4 spots. I really don't like it. I want to play more. Going from open to co-ed makes it seem like I'm playing at a different speed than some of the other guys on the field. I had a couple of plays, usually around floaty hospital discs around women where I felt comfortable going up and around the women, not touching them, but taking the disc away...and this was a big deal somehow. If the disc is in the air, you gotta go get it. But apparently that doesn't always happen in co-ed. And lastly, I can see the allure of co-ed at some point in my life but its only going to be at a point where I can't contribute to an open team anymore. Its just not for me at this point in my career.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Glad I didn't over do it on Tuesday

We hit the track tonight for the first time this season and the first time for me in close to a year. I know that I don't like track workouts. The new and improved Trey reminded me why I really, really don't like track workouts. Workout group was Trey, Ellis, Fink XY, Butter, Ross, Glazer, and myself. It was a fantastic workout but I was basically relegated to barely having enough energy to eat my dinner and then collapsing for an early bedtime as a result of the workout.

Warm up with light jogging, active stretching, little bit of yoga

600 (3 minute rest)
200 (3 minute rest)


Rests between other runs was 45ish for short runs, 75-90ish for longer runs.



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Off day 200

With the workout on Monday and an impending track workout on Wednesday I decided to hit up another quick Med Ball 200. I'm going to start timing these but didn't do anything exact for this workout. I'd guess it was around 6-7 minutes but I'll need to verify that with a stopwatch next time.


8 lbs medicine ball
20 x Big Circles
20 x Woodchopper
20 x Standing Russian Twist
20 x Squat to Press
20 x Medicine-ball Sit-up
20 x Rocky Solo
20 x Toe Touch
20 x 45-Degree Twist
20 x Suitcase Crunch
20 x Diagonal Crunch


Mondays are OK

Had some errands to do post-work so I missed the larger group workout.
Was recently diagnosed with chondromalacia so i'm trying to do things where i can stop mid-rep/set if my knee starts to ache. So i went to the Art Museum for some stairs.
Run Every Step, Run Every other step, 2-legged hop every step, 2-legged hop Up 2 Down 1, Single Leg Every Step (x2), Carioca (x2), Run every other to the very top.
11'54", 11'33", 11'58"

I did convince some athletic looking dude to do the 2nd set with me. He started strong but soon drifted back, finishing about 90 seconds after me. I think he was very surprised (dare i say incredulous) when i told him that i was doing this for ultimate (frisbee) before joining me, but he seemed impressed after that set (my 2nd of 3, his first/last). Hopefully another young mind that doesn't see ultimate involving dogs.

Also did a 28 min trail run that morning in north jersey. Excellent way to start a day/week.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tell me why....

...I don't like Mondays...

OK, I don't actually not like Mondays, it just seemed like a legitimate title for a post.

Met up with the Finks, Butter, Raha, Laarz, Liz T, and Ben Kleaveland for a Monday workout at left bank. Not quite enough running for my liking but good to get out moving on a Monday.


1/2 mile-ish warm up
10 minutes throwing upwind with Fink XY
5 x 150 yd shuttle run (run in an "N" shape for ~150yds) with 40 second break in between
5 minutes throwing

20 body weight squats
30 sec. rest
10 lunges per leg
30 sec. rest
10 balancing on one leg toe touches each leg
30 sec. rest
40 ankle bounds focusing on height
2 min. rest

(Too much rest Jon...)

"Go" Drill
Basically a linebacker drill where two cutters go out and run in place while the thrower tells them some combination of "left", "right", "push up", "jump", "in", "out", Go! and both cutter take off deep for a throw. I liked the drill concept, did not like that we were putting hucks up directly over people's heads.

4 x Disc suicides - 10 - 20 - deep throw after you run

10 minutes throwing with Fink XX


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Free Time

I knew I didn't have much going on this Sunday so I decided to throw in a quick Med Ball 200 during the basketballs games. I love this workout cause it only takes 15ish minutes and it destroys your abs.

Exercises all done with an 8.8 lbs Med Ball

20 x Big Circles
20 x Woodchopper
20 x Standing Russian Twist
20 x Squat to Press
20 x Medicine-ball Sit-up
20 x Rocky Solo
20 x Toe Touch
20 x 45-Degree Twist
20 x Suitcase Crunch
20 x Diagonal Crunch

Foam rolled out the stiffness from Saturday.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pike Pick up - Brumfris style

We headed out to New Brunswick this weekend for the northern NJ version of our pre-season pick up. A handful of Philly area folks, plus a few other returners combined with a small army of Rutgers guys, the re-emergence of Jake the Jake from hibernation, and a smattering of other NJ area people came out. We had 19 and warmed up a bit with a scrimmage, played a game to 7, a game to 9, and a game to 5. My teams went 3-0. The downside of New Brunswick pick up is we're forced into a fairly small field because of the area we play in. On the plus side the fields are very soft made even more so by the torrential rain we've had for a week.

Similar to last week the intensity and focus were lacking at times. I expect this to continue to ramp up as we all continue to play together and as the tryout process moves forward. I was very happy with my own throws but felt a little out of place in the overall flow of things due to the year off I effectively had last year.

After our 3 games CJ, NickO, Aman, Dan, Dono, Dusty, and myself stuck around and played boot. And then we all went and got burritos.

Good day of ultimate


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Snertz...not so bad the second time around

Headed out to Edgely again tonight to face off against the Snertz once more. It was considerably easier this time which I'm chalking up to preparing better throughout the day eating the right food and drinking lots of water. I was joined by Ampers Raha, Butter, and Glazer and former Pike masquerading as an Amper (Blo!), and Pike hopefuls Ross, Patrick, and Tous.

1/2 mile warm up
4 X 100yds strides at 50% effort
2 X 40yds grapevines at 50 % concentrating on quick feet
2 X 40yds slides at 50 % stay low, bend knees
2 X 40yds high knees at 50%
2 X 40yds butt kickers at 50%
2 X 40yds high skips at 50%
30 pushups 75 situps

5 minutes active stretching

With almost no break between sets
4 x 15 ground jumps x 40 - 4 sets of 15 squat jumps followed by a 40 yard sprint.
4 x 15 tuck jumps x 40 - 4 sets of 15 tuck jumps
15 push ups - 75 situps
Definitely had more push in my legs this time.

quick drink

2 x 40 yard lunge twists focusing on keeping your knee off the ground
2 x 40 yard one legged hops (20 yards left, 20 yards right)
1 x 10 forward cone hops
1 x 10 side to side cone hops
1 x 10 forward cone hops
1 x 10 side to side cone hops
15 push ups - 75 situps

10 x 5-10-5 shuttle run - cones at 5 and 10 yards, run to the 5 yd cone, back, 10, back, 5 back
10 x 40 yard dashes with as little rest as possible

4 x 100 yd striders at 50%

Throw 30 yards for 15 minutes in the rain with wet hands. Focused on stepping out despite being tired.


I love playing in this weather.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Pike Pick Up - Beer Run

Saturday marked the opening of the Pike tryout season. We're having a few pick up sessions prior to our weekend of tryouts with the hope of getting 08 Pikes out to re-acquaint themselves with each other and to bring the potential future Pikes out to get a feeling for the styles of play and prepare themselves for the tryout weekend. We had a good turnout of about 20 guys with 10-12 returners from last years team. Intensity on D was lacking but our offense looked mostly sharp. I may have a slanted opinion as I believe my teams went 4-0 overall in our three scrimmages. I still find the need to remind myself from point to point about positioning and the "feel" of being in the right places, making the right cuts, bids, etc. This is the intuitive part of the game that I've been lacking having missed almost all of last year. Overall I was pleased with the turnout and look forward to next weekend in New Brunswick.

After the scrimmage I drove down to DC to go on a beer run all throughout the city. We started at around 6:15 and ended up hitting 9 bars over the course of 8.25 miles. We kept a little less that a 10 minute mile pace (yes someone was crazy enough to time us) and overall got one heck of a painful workout in. By the end of the run I didn't really notice, it was the next morning when I tried to get out of bed and my legs were pretty pissed at me that I was really feeling the 8+ miles. I can tell you this...I hate running. A Lot. Even when there's beer involved. And I can almost guarantee you that you'll never find me running 8 consecutive miles ever. All of our stops broke the runs up into 1.5 miles on the high end and .5 miles on the low end. Its a weird experience to watch sporting events at bars like this as it was a good day for sports with the Kentucky Derby, the Bulls-Celts game, and the Phillies-Mets.

All in all I'm not positive if/how this really counts as a workout and how much the beer/liquor counteracted the running. All in all it was a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to not running 8 miles again any time soon.


Friday, May 1, 2009


Tried to go do a track workout last night but Franklin Field feels like closing at 6pm every night which is stupid. Instead met up with the Finks and some Amp folks for the following workout.

Foot Quickness Workout: (do each of the following drills for 20 seconds with a 10 second break in between each one. Go through the whole workout twice)

Slalom - Tape a letter "V" on the floor with a width of three to four feet at the top of the "V". Keep your hands up in a ready position as you do this drill. Starting at the base, jump from side-to-side with your feet close together and always land outside the tape. Jump forward to the top of the "V" and then jump backward to the base of the "V".

"U" Jump - Tape the shape of a cross on the floor. Start in the upper right-hand corner. Jump down, across and up without touching a line. From the upper left-hand corner, jump down, across and up. As you jump in this "U" letter shape, keep your hands up in the ready position.

Heel Clicks -Tape two parallel lines on the floor one to two feet apart. Begin with your right foot outside the right line and your left foot outside the left line. Jump in the air, click your heels together (there's no place like home, there's no place like home!) and land outside the tape. Keep your hands up and concentrate on quickness rather than height as you jump.

Toe Touch - Keep the same two lines from #8 and start in the same position. Jump in the air and land inside the lines with your feet next to each other. Quickly jump again so your feet land outside the lines. Keep your hands up and always land inside and outside the lines.

Long Jump - Tape a six-foot strip on the floor. Start at the base of the tape and long-jump as far as you can. Use your arms to provide additional power. After landing, shuffle backward to the base of the tape and repeat.

Lateral Jumps - Tape a strip to the floor. Jump over the line going from side-to-side using your right foot. Repeat using your left foot. Do not touch the line and always keep your hands up.

20 yard shuttle – 3 cones in a line, 10 yards apart. Start at the center cone, sprint to side cone, stop, cut back to other side cone, stop, cut back to center cone. Reps were straight running, backpedal, side shuffle, carioca. Did those 4 twice through.

90 degree shuttle cuts – Set up a running lane with cones ~1 yard wide for 10 yards, then have it turn right or left and continue for 10 yards. Goal is to build speed and work on cutting while staying within the cones. Do 3 reps on each side with rest between reps. Works on cutting.

Triangle 3 person cutting/marking/cutting off the swing drill. Not my favorite as I felt like it stressed the wrong aspects of marking but definitely continued to push ourselves through the workout.

Suicides cutting with a mark on the thrower

7 minute abs.

Pike pick up on Saturday, getting more excited by the day as this early season progresses..